Gun Magnet Mount 43 lbs Pistol Rifle Magnetic Holder Car Holster Home Under Desk

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43 lbs Gun Magnet Mount – Rubber Coated Magnetic Gun Holder for Cars, Bedside, Gun Safe – Hidden Concealed Magnetic Gun Mount – Rifle, Shotgun, Firearm, Handgun, Pistol and Glock Accessories -1 Pack THAT GUN AIN’T MOVIN’: Exactly how strong is 43lbs of TigibMag Muscle? Well, after it firmly grabs the pistol from your hand, take it on a bumpy drive and notice how your dash-mounted firearm doesn’t shoot your foot off. It’s a sturdy, but not impossible grip; use an easy firm hand to dismount.SCRATCH-FREE TECHNOLOGY: You love your Glock (…or insert YOUR gun here), so you’ll also love how the FlexImpact Rubber coating keeps your baby scratch-free.CAN YOU HANDLE A FIREARM? Then you can handle the TigibMag install. Use the 3M Adhesive to position your magnet and then secure using the enclosed screws. Attach it to your gun safe, desk, bedside table, by the front door, car, truck… well, we don’t need to tell you. You can already see where to put it.SMALL BUT MIGHTY: At 4.1 x 1.6 inches, the TigibMag is small enough for the top or side of any conceal carry barrel, ammo, and clips. But the N45 Ultra-Neodymium Magnet is strong enough to hold your rifle and shotgun too. Each one holds 43lbs, but in the interests of gun safety, we recommend using two for large firearms.LOVE IT, OR THIS WILL HAPPEN… We know you have a choice, so we thank you for choosing TigibMag Magnet Mounts today. Love its 43lb Ironclad Grip, and FlexImpact Rubber Touch or we’ll refund every cent. Order your TigibMag now. God bless the 2nd Amendment. And God bless the 43lb Grip TigibMag that lets you access your rights fast and easy, no matter where you are! Now, if only there was an Ironclad Grip for anti-gun lobbyists. It’s OK Not To Take The TigibMag Home Today... ... But when you DO decide to take them home, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your firearm is gripped tight with a strong N45 Ultra-Neodymium Magnet, and safe from scratches thanks to the FlexImpact Rubber Coating. And, when it’s time to dismount, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your gun is easy to remove using a firm, yet effortless hand. From Handguns to Shotguns, Trucks to Desks, and Over Rugged Terrain The TigibMag Keeps Your Firearm In Reach... But Out Of Harms Way. You get a 1 Gun Magnet - 4.1 x 1.6 inches (0.5 inch thick) Forget the 35lb hold... ours have a 43lb Ultra-Neodymium Magnet FlexImpact Rubber Coating for Scratch-Free Mounting 3M Adhesive Strips for positioning, 4 Screws for securing. It’s Everything You Wanted, Isn’t It? 100% ‘Love It, Or Else’ Guarantee. Love its 43lb Ironclad Grip, and FlexImpact Rubber Touch or we’ll refund every cent. So, we’ve seen how strong and scratch-resistant the TigibMag is, and we’ve shown you how it can hold up to what you had in mind, so now you’re ready to see for yourself and order now. ** DISCLAIMER: Firearms can be dangerous and should be kept out of reach of children. It is suggested to mount an unloaded gun or lock the safety. Adhere to all gun safety laws and regulations. Do not use it in a 175°F or above temperature because the magnet will demagnetize.

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