Belly Band Holster | Concealed Carry Holsters for Women Men Tactical Gun IWB OWB

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Holds any size pistol

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Survival Prep

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Belly Band

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Concealment Holster

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Does Not Apply

For Gun Model :

Glock 19 380 9mm 38 special Smith and Wesson Body

Brand :

Survival Prep

What the Seller Says

Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry, Elastic Hand Gun Holder that Straps Securely Around your Waist (Belly), IWB, OWB AdjustableFlexibleBreathable NeopreneAdsorbentHand Wash, Hang to Air Dry IndoorsCan be Worn in a Variety of Positions Fitting Your Draw Style/Position Preferences (appendix, front, hip, under-arm, cross-draw, lower back)Concealed-Inside Waistband handgun holster (IWB) or Not Concealed- Outside Pants Waistband handgun holster (OWB) FITS MOST HANDGUNS, PISTOLS, and REVOLVERS: Glock 17 19 GEN 3,4,&5 20 21 22 23 26 27 29 30 30S 31 32 33 36 37 43 45 Beretta 92, PX4 Compact & Subcompact, 96a1 CZ P-01, PCR, RAMI, Canik TP9SA, EAA SAR K2P, B6P 3.8”, FNH FNS-9 Compact HK P30SK, VP9, VP9SK, VP40 Honor Guard Subcompact Kahr CT9, CT380, CW380, PM9 Ruger LCR, LC9, sr9c, RAP 9mm Compact, LCP, LC380, LCP2, SR9E, SR9,SR40, SR40C, SR45,SR22, P95, 9e, lc9s, sr22 S&W J Frame, M&P9c, M&P Shield, M&P Bodyguard, Sccy CPX, SD9VE, 6906 Sig P238, P938, P320 Compact & Subcompact, P229, P239 Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 Subcompact & Service, XDs 3.3”, XDe”, XDm 3.8” Compact, sp2022 Taurus 738 TCP, PT111 G2, PT709, 809, Millenium G2, Slim Walther CCP, K380, PPK, PPQ, PPS M2, PK380, P22 Along with 1911, m1911, mk9, x26, x26p, pt809, m&p9, Pocket Guns Single Stack Subcompacts, Double Stack Subcompacts, Compacts. If you don't see your pistol listed you can ensure fit by knowing that the overall length supported is 4"-8". To Ensure that your handgun fits measure the length from the tip of the muzzle to the curve in the grip. MADE FROM TOP QUALITY NEOPRENE Our belly band holster is soft and comfortable against your skin. Neoprene is corrosion resistant and easy to wash. The heavy duty material helps ensure your holster stays put when you draw your gun during any situation.The clip on the gun allows for a silent draw. NO NEED TO LIMIT YOUR WARDROBE With our concealed carry belt you can wear jeans sweat pants gym shorts skirts yoga pants etc. With our integrated hook and loop fasten system you can adjust your belly band holster to precisely fit your unique body size. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE HOLDS ANY SIZE PISTOL- Elastic bellyband holster for concealed carry weapons holds subcompact, compact, full size pistols and revolvers. Our concealed carry belt fits guns such as Glock 19 380 9mm 38 special Smith and Wesson Bodygaurd Springfield Taurus Beretta Ruger Sig Sauer Kel Tec Rock Island etc. Whether you're carrying a pistol, revolver, knife, handgun, or taser we guarantee it fits! We offer a 100% money back guarantee if it doesn’t! ONE SIZE FITS MOST- Our gun holster for female or male is designed to fit a wide range of body types. Our men's and women's waistband holster is made of quality black Neoprene material which stretches to fit up to a 44 inch circumference. Measure waist and hip, not pant size. SUPER FUNCTIONAL- SurvivaPrep’s gun carry holster can be worn as an IWB holster Inside Waistband, OWB outside the waistband, cross body, appendix position, 5 O'Clock position, small of back, and high like a shoulder holster. Our conceal carry holsters are designed to support right and left hand draw, and also to cut your response time in half and avoid retention in those urgent situations! CONSTRUCTED FOR COMFORT- Our concealed carry holster is made of Neoprene which is a material that is soft and comfortable enough to wear directly against the skin. The waistband holster is super breathable and made of absorbent material which makes it great for concealed carry in the summer heat. Easy to wash. ROOM FOR EXTRAS- Leave your wallet or purse at home! The belly band holster comes with a spare magazine pocket which conveniently holds a cell phone, money, credit card, keys, flashlight, etc. Take our concealed carry holster with you anywhere to help conceal your weapon, and work as a holder for your other belongings. We guarantee you’ll be prepared!

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